Hospital Generators

Molecular hydrogen electrolyzer generator machine proved for Covid-19 treatment.

Avoiding oxygen toxicity saves the patient from the risk of experiencing organ failure and the potential of being assigned to a life support ventilator that few recover from alive. Being able to breathe autonomously, patients are better equipped to respond to medications and to fight the cause of illness naturally.

Using hydrogen/oxygen gas avoids the risk of toxic poisoning from saturating the body with oxygen. Oxygen toxicity is a catastrophic hazard in diving because a seizure results in near-certain death by drowning. The seizure may occur suddenly and with no warning symptoms. The effects are sudden convulsions and unconsciousness, during which victims can die.

In China, at the height of the Covid-19 epidemic, doctors used hydrogen/oxygen gas to rapidly treat serious lung distress and breathing restrictions. Hydrogen has been proven to save lives in hospital Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units.

The Chinese National Health Commission prescribes the inhalation of hydrogen/oxygen gas (67% H2 and 33% O2), positioning hydrogen/oxygen at the leading edge of present-day therapeutic medical research.


Suits Biomass, Coal & Oil Boilers up to 10 TPH Output.


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