Farm Diesel Saver

Farmers are out here on the land trying to run businesses that depend on Australia following the world on climate policy and policies that maintain our nation’s good relationships with foreign trading partners.

However, the political landscape does not care a damn.  Farmers are under pressure as export markets shrink and their fuel bills are high.

Machinery on farms run on diesel.

Replacement equipment is capital intensive to get access to the latest more efficient engines.

An Australian invention from the 1970s today offers hope.

Brown’s Gas was popularised in Australia and around the world until Research Professor Yull Brown’s passing in the mid-1990s.

Back in the mid-1970s when fuel prices spiked and supplies dwindled this inventor ran a vehicle around Australia using only water as a fuel.

But how to bring this technology to the people?

Well, today there is a new version of the technology the size of a vehicle battery that generates Watergas mounted onboard diesel trucks and equipment.

In 2021 the first DC version of the water electrolyzer has finally arrived.

This unit will revolutionize the farm sector.

Technically what is it?

It’s a  plug-and-play Brown’s Gas HHO generator kit to convert heavy vehicles to hybrids lowering diesel consumption up to 30%

  • Fuel savings in the range up to and exceeding 20%, and 30% for older engines
  • Designed to work universally with engines from 2.0 to 15 liters displacement
  • This is the only DC Brown’s Gas HHO generator manufactured in world history
  • Size about same as a vehicle battery at 260 x 320 x 380 mm
  • Water consumption: 0.054 liters (54ml) per hour
  • Average 20% increase in engine torque
  • Reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30%

The Benefits

 Generates Brown’s Gas plasma inside the engine to fully burn fuels.
 Cleans engine parts and fuel supply nozzles.
 Produces a zero-carbon exhaust by-product of water molecules vapor.
 Fuel savings in the range up to and exceeding 20%, and 30% for older engines.
 Average 20% increase in engine torque.
 Reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30%.
 Removes engine carbon deposits.
 Reduces ignition delay.
 Shortens the combustion time.
 Reduces heat loss.
 Maintains the ideal constant volume combustion.
 Improves the compression ratio and thermal efficiency.
 Reduces the temperature of the engine.
 Reduces engine jitter and noise.
 Extends engine life.

Where can you get one?

Appropriate onboard vehicle-mounted fuel saver products are available online in our shop for your convenience.




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