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It’s true there is a new and different way to lower heavy vehicle fuel costs.

It’s called the Black Hole Method (BHM).

And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it lowers fuel costs by imploding that destroys exhaust gases.

And as you’ll see, it gives oxygen-rich air to the fuel and immediately saves fuel.

The best part of all, it doesn’t require you to modify your existing engine or be worried about damaging your engine.

And you can profit immediately regardless of what type of fuel you use or your inexperience.

So, if you want to lower your fuel costs, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Hi, my name is Peter Griffiths and I am a dear friend of the late and great Research Professor Yull Brown the original inventor of Brown’s Gas HHO technology.

For the very first time, we have released a small fuel saver unit, called the Onboard Fuel Saver, that runs on direct current (DC) and electrolyzes water into a combined hydrogen and oxygen gas.  There has never been a DC version of the famous Brown’s Gas generator up until now.  It is revolutionary.

hho fuel saver heavy vehiclesThis unit uses cheap water so you do not need to regularly buy any expensive chemical additive from a supplier to make your fuel burn efficiently.

The Black Hole Method relies on the well-known characteristic of Brown’s Gas that it creatively implodes rather than destructively explodes.  This is proven by demonstrations that when Brown’s Gas is enclosed in an airtight cylinder and detonated with a spark that it creates an instantaneous volume reduction and low-pressure vacuum.  Matter in the cylinder is compressed in the ratio of 1,866: 1, in a fraction of a second.  This is the only known way to instantly generate a vacuum that is known to man.

How can this be?  When Brown’s Gas is produced, one litre of water expands into 1,866 litres of gas.  When this volume of gas is sparked it collapses back to the original one litre of water in a fraction of a second.  Nothing remains but water.

The wonderful thing is that when we burn Brown’s Gas with fossil fuels that give off smoke, the smoke disappears.  That is not all, the Sulphurs in emissions are eliminated that would otherwise cause Acid Rain, and equally the Cardon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are greatly reduced that would otherwise contribute to the planetary greenhouse effect.

The Black Hole Method also relies on the fact that Brown’s Gas combines both hydrogen and oxygen in a single homogenous gas.  The method removes smoke and adds oxygen enrichment to the combustion environment, so the fuel burns completely with more oxygen, and the full potential gets released from the fuel.

Inefficient combustion is the primary cause of fuel wastage.  Depending on your engine type and the quality of your fuel 30% to 40% of your fuel could be going straight out your exhaust pipe as expensive and unwanted emissions.  It is expensive to be an unknowingly involuntary polluter.

In laboratory settings, oxygen and hydrogen gas are used to sterilize vacuum chambers before clinical trials are run to remove any hydrocarbon contaminants from the surfaces.  This is an example of how pervasive hydrocarbon pollution is in our atmosphere.  And this high level of hydrocarbons comes from the exhaust of unburnt fossil fuels into the atmosphere.

Additionally, water is well known to be a universal cleaning agent.  When Brown’s Gas goes back to the water after combustion it serves to further clean the surfaces in your engine and carries particles out the exhaust pipe.  The life of your engine is extended.

You can review the Onboard Fuel Saver unit here


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