New And Different Covid-19 Treatment To Save Lives Proven in Wuhan City Uses Hydrogen Oxygen Gas

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Approved by China National Medical Administration, Covid Clinical Trial References, Covid Trials Product Brochure, New Proven Covid-19 Solution

The leader of the crisis response team Zhong Nanshan in Wuhan City China prescribed Hydrogen/Oxygen gas to save thousands of lives during the 2020 epidemic.

Covid-19 causes restricted breathing, and oxygen treatment is usually to help patients’ breathe better.

However, patients progress from oxygen to assisted breathing with a ventilator.  This is because oxygen causes oxidative stress that is terminal unless the patient is put on ventilator life support.

The traditional problem is that few patients come off a ventilator alive.

The new solution using Hydrogen/Oxygen therapy to rescue patients with oxidative stress was clinically trialed in several major hospitals in China as a Covid-19 treatment.  This avoided putting patients onto ventilators and prevent organ failure.  The results from a thousand case documented clinical trials show excellent results in patient recovery, resulting in a shorter duration of stay in the hospital.

The treatment protocol was to use an exact proportion of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen at a rate of 3 liters per minute.  Oxygen is unable to relieve oxidative stress in the body cells as it is the cause; however, the hydrogen content of Brown’s Gas can penetrate the cell walls, and by converting back to the water, effectively washes the waste from oxidation from the cells and restores normal body function and breathing.

The hydrogen/oxygen generators used in the clinical trials are now accredited by the Chinese Government National Health Commission (the equivalent of the USA FDA) and is the official government-endorsed protocol for frontline Covid-19 treatment.

The onsite generation of hydrogen and oxygen for immediate use is completely safe as there is no need to refill bottles and store the gases.  The Brown’s Gas Generator needs only an electrical source and distilled or de-mineralized water to produce 99.999% pure hydrogen gas onsite.  There is no longer any need for hospitals and clinics to run out of hydrogen and oxygen gas or to rely on a more expensive centralized supply.

The hydrogen and oxygen technology were first licensed to China in 1991 by Research Professor Yull Brown of Brown’s Gas fame. The Professor initially attracted the attention of the Chinese government with the demonstration of Brown’s Gas eliminating the radioactivity of hazardous radioactive waste materials.  Brown’s Gas was endorsed as the future of clean onsite energy production catalyst in combustion processes as it eliminates emissions and changes back to the water after combustion.

The Founder and CEO of YBG Group International Pty Ltd of Sydney Australia, Peter Griffiths accompanied the Professor on his visit to China in 1991.  YBG Group® has an established distribution business for Brown’s Gas® Generators manufactured in China for industrial purposes.  For background refer to HHO Generators.  With the release of the successful clinical trials using hydrogen/oxygen for personal use, YBG Group® has expanded to distribute the generators proven by the clinical trials. Available generators include a range of four models spanning hospital hydrogen onsite generation and hydrogen for home use.

YBG Group® has published the Covid-19 Clinical Trial documents in an online library.


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