Brown’s Gas (HHO) Approved by China National Medical Administration For Respiratory Diseases Specifically Covid Treatment

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Photo: Zhong Nanshan – 84-year-old academician Zhong Nanshan was on the brink of death and led the fight for more than 60 days on the front line of the epidemic.

During multicentre open clinical trials, hydrogen-oxygen gas inhalation decreased the severity of the disease and breathing difficulties in patients with COVID-19 of new corona pneumonia in 2019.  This resulted in the issuance on March 3, 2020, by the Chinese National Health Commission, the Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Trial Version Seven).  This version was formulated based on increased clinical manifestations and pathology of the disease, as well as accumulated experience in diagnosis and treatment.  The protocol recognizes the up-to-date pandemic situation worldwide, which is seeing the outbreak contained domestically, to a certain extent, but on the rise overseas.  Compared with the previous version, updates have been made concerning transmission routes, case definitions, discharge criteria, and therapeutic measures. 

Excerpt From The Official Chinese National Health Commission Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol Concerning Covid Patient Treatment:

X. Treatment

  1. Treatment venue determined by the severity of the disease
    1.1 Suspected and confirmed cases should be isolated and treated at designated hospitals with effective isolation, protection, and prevention conditions in place. A suspect case should be treated in isolation in a single
    Confirmed cases can be treated in the same room.
    1.2 Critical cases should be admitted to ICU as soon as possible.
    2. General treatment
    2.1 Letting patients rest in bed and strengthening support therapy; ensuring sufficient caloric intake for patients; monitoring their water and electrolyte balance to maintain internal environment stability; closely
    monitoring vital signs and oxygen saturation.
    2.2 According to patients’ conditions, monitoring blood routine result, urine routine result, c-reactive protein (CRP), biochemical indicators (liver enzyme, myocardial enzyme, renal function etc.), coagulation function,
    arterial blood gas analysis, chest imaging and cytokines detection if necessary.
    2.3 Timely providing effective oxygen therapy, including nasal catheter and mask oxygenation and nasal high-flow oxygen therapy. If possible, inhalation of mixed hydrogen and oxygen (H2/O2: 66.6%/33.3%) can be applied.

From page 8 of the document:

This is the PDF of the document 1.Clinical.Protocols.for.the.Diagnosis.and.Treatment.of.COVID-19.V7

For The First Time, Clinical Trials Establish The Brown’s Gas (HHO) Dosage Administration Protocol


Few therapies, if any, have been shown to rapidly ameliorate respiratory symptoms and prevent disease progression. An important mechanism contributing to dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) and disease progression in patients with COVID-19 might be the increased work of breathing because of the heightened airway resistance. Inhalation of hydrogen/oxygen mixed gas (H2-O2) might have a role in the treatment of COVID-19 given the decreased resistance compared with room air when passing through the airways.

Clinical Trials

At the height of the epidemic in Wuhan, authorities conducted an open-label multicentred clinical trial, between January 21st and March 23rd, 2020, among patients with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 from seven hospitals in China. The patients were aged 18–85 years and had dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) on hospital admission.

Patients in the treatment group inhaled H2-O2 (66% hydrogen; 33% oxygen) at 3 L/min through the nasal cannula by using the Hydrogen/Oxygen Generator daily until discharge

Product brochure for machine used in the clinical trials )


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