Renewable Energy Solar & Brown’s Gas & Wind

by | Jun 20, 2021 | Brown's Gas Characteristics, Solar-Watergas-Wind

Renewable Energies Solar & Brown’s Gas & Wind

As the most indispensable thing on Earth, it is appropriate that the long-held secret of water to combust is recognized as the third of the renewables along with the sun and wind.

Brown’s Gas is named after Research Professor Yull Brown who perfected the common ducted method of electrolysis of water in the 1970s.

Prior to that time hydrogen and oxygen were considered volatile substances that could not co-exist safely.  Research Professor Yull Brown dispelled that myth and went on to demonstrate the vast array of unique properties his gas had on offer for man’s co-existence with the environment of his home on Earth.

The 1970s was an intense period of invention in the world following the shortage of traditional petroleum fuels and massive oil price hikes.  Man desperately needed to prepare for the future and maintain industry and transportation knowing full well that fossil fuels would someday run out.

Factually, the Professor’s inventions did not stem from the physical sciences, rather they came from his conversations with God.

In this video, the Professor tells you in his own words.

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Brown’s Gas® In Industry

Brown’s Gas® In Industry

Brown’s Gas oxyhydrogen is a cheap, clean & renewable gaseous energy source that has vital advantages over other costly, polluted & unsustainable fuels used as the primary fuel in a wide range of combustion equipment including incinerators, boilers, furnaces, gasifiers, electrical generators, and automotive engines: It is also a replacement for Acetylene in welding & brazing.

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