Combustion at Elevation Above Sea Level is inefficient compared to sea level.

For fuel that is combusted at elevations above sea level fuel is wasted as there is a diminished supply of oxygen available in the air to realize the potential calorific value of the fuel quoted at sea level.

In total 6% of the world’s population, that is 474 million people, live in 20 cities above 1,500 meters (4,924 feet) above sea level.

Cities above 1,500 meters by order of altitude include La Paz Bolivia (3,869 meters, 12,693 feet), Quito Ecuador, Toluca Cochabamba Bolivia, Bogota Colombia, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Mexico City Mexico, Xining China, Sana’a Yemen, Puebla Mexico, Kunming China, San Luis Potosí Mexico, León Mexico, Kabul Afghanistan, Nairobi Kenya, Denver United States, Medellín Colombia, Johannesburg South Africa, Srinagar India, Lanzhou China (1,594 meters, 5,229 feet).

combustion above sea level

As the price of diesel fuel, in particular, is somewhat normalized globally from a midpoint of US$1 / Liter all these locations suffer the similar economic cost of inefficient combustion at elevation. The quoted calorific value of the fuel is the same in all locations, but the value for money paid per liter is discounted by the rate of the inefficiency of combustion.

There is a universal solution to this problem by supplementing the air intake of engines, and other combustion equipment with Brown’s Gas® known to some as HHO.

When fuel is burned inside of an engine, Genset, boiler, furnace, or gasifier, it is necessary to ensure the supply of air that is compatible with the fuel combustion. If the air supply is insufficient, the fuel will combust incompletely, and fuel will be wasted.

For fuel that is combusted at elevations above sea level fuel is wasted as there is a diminished supply of oxygen available in the air to realize the potential calorific value of the fuel quoted at sea level.

By feeding Brown’s Gas® into the combustion equipment we can achieve the following goals:

  1. Feed-in extra pure oxygen to support the combustion specifically to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the air.
  2. When hydrogen is burned with air inside it will release heat and noticeably increase the combustion temperature, which also ensures the fuel will burn completely.
  3. Sufficient oxygen and high temperature are the key points to ensure the fuel can be combusted completely.

Brown’s Gas® is a completely natural product that is made from water.

  • Brown’s Gas® is an intimate intermingled stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the exact ratio of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen.
  • One liter of water generates 1,866 liters of Brown’s Gas®.
  • Water comprises 33% pure oxygen and 66% pure hydrogen.
  • Brown’s Gas® is the cheapest clean combustible gas in the world.
  • Brown’s Gas® is produced in a generator that contains electrolytic cells.
  • After Brown’s Gas® is exposed to a heat source and combusts it converts back to the water.
  • In contrast to hydrogen which is explosive in the presence of oxygen, Brown’s Gas® is completely safe and implodes (the opposite of exploding) and reverts back to the water.

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