History & OEMs

YBG GROUP INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD (YBG) is an Australian company.  YBG is the acronym standing for Yull Brown’s Gas.

All our activities stem from the inventions and articulated applications of Brown’s Gas by its original inventor Research Professor Yull Brown.

The Professor was born in Bulgaria and made his home in Australia.  He gained his knowledge from university in Moscow and the application by various governments of water technologies around the time of the second great war.  Even before this time, he had postulated how to unleash the fire in water to benefit humanity.  As a younger man, he lived in a Christian Monastery in Bulgaria and read in The Bible that the Earth could be consumed by fire.  He then set out to prove this biblical passage to be true and demonstrate how water could yield fire.  He continued to gain inspiration for research pathways from this reading.

Between 1976 and 1991 he spent fifteen years demonstrating his success.  A car was driven around Australia running on water.  Welders burning only water were hand-made and demonstrated to work with any metal, even metals of different composition and thicknesses, which was totally impossible with the traditional welding fuel Acetylene.  Eventually, The Professor articulated how to dispose of Earth’s stockpile of radioactively contaminated wastes, and in 1991 in the company of his student Peter Griffiths they traveled to China to conduct demonstrations.

Their hosts were so impressed by this demonstration that it was decided to introduce The Professor’s technology into the nation’s knowledge base and agreement was made that Brown’s Gas would be developed and manufactured at scale for eventual global distribution.  Factories were established through China to manufacture generators for domestic application.  At the start of this millennium, the manufacturing processes were sufficiently advanced and world-class manufacturers emerged.

Today, YBG works hand in hand with these world-class manufacturers and helps to promote, disseminate and market genuine Brown’s Gas generators worldwide.

YBG’s outsourced equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are classified in China as High and New Technology Enterprises that engage in the research and development of better machines, manufacture and market oxyhydrogen gaseous energy equipment broadly for environmental protection purposes, welding and cutting applications, and for vehicle maintenance.

YBG’s OEMs are large companies with several million dollars of invested capital with hundreds of employees, including dozens of scientific and technical personnel, numerous academic professors, and many senior engineers.

YBG’s OEMs were the earliest factories in China to engage in oxyhydrogen manufacture.  The OEM continues R&D and production integration advancements using the scientific, technological talents, and technical resources of the Institute of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of local universities and their Institutes for Materials.  This comprises the most advanced scientific research team for Brown’s Gas oxyhydrogen in the world.

Innovations for various aspects of machine design and manufacture have obtained a total of fifty-one (51) patents. YBGs OEMs have launched a series of oxyhydrogen energy products such as automobile engine exhaust gas treatment equipment (now known commercially as Engine Carbon Cleaning machines), and Three-way Catalytic Converter Cleaning machines.  Brown’s Gas generators have also been adopted as a clean combustion engine for metal cutting, and kilns of many types.

YBG’s OEMs are the world’s largest manufacturers of oxyhydrogen equipment.  Their business scope embraces large state-owned steel casting and automobile groups such as Wuhan Iron and Steel, Japan Steel, Cold Steel, Liugong, Xinjiang Guanghui, Lantian Volkswagen, Beijing Zhengtong, and others.  They export to more than 30 countries and regions including Spain, France, Denmark, Britain, Mexico, South Korea, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

Our OEMs work on the concept of “customer first, common development” and provide every customer with value-for-money efficient and environmentally friendly new energy products and strive to contribute to the world’s energy conservation and environmental protection.  Our OEMs offer lifelong technical support for machines sold and provide the standard commercial one-year warranty guarantee.

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