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YBG GROUP INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD (YBG) is an Australian company.  YBG is the acronym standing for Yull Brown’s Gas.  All our activities stem from the inventions and articulated applications of Brown’s Gas (Oxyhydrogen, HHO) by its original inventor Research Professor Yull Brown.

We have survived, evolved, and expanded on the invention by Research Professor Yull Brown (at right) in Australia of a new clean energy source produced from water in the mid-1970s.

Brown’s Gas is like no other combustible in that it does not take oxygen from Earth’s atmosphere to combust, rather it burns in its own oxygen content.  This defines Brown’s Gas as the only “clean” and non-pollutant combustible energy in existence.  Accordingly, Brown’s Gas proves that hydrogen cannot be said to be a clean energy as it is dependent on Earth’s atmosphere to combust.

Brown’s Gas is renewable as it reverts back to the water when combusted, giving off no unwanted emissions of any kind whatsoever.  This defines Brown’s Gas as not only “green”, but truly the only zero-emissions combustible energy technology available to governments and industry around the world.

Since His passing in 1996, we have successfully crossed the abyss of product development and established large-scale high-quality industrial-strength manufacturing capabilities.

This epic development today unleashes the Brown’s Gas product range to the world at large to integrate into industrial combustion transformation.

All our products have a long track record of multi-purpose usage in the industry in Asia.  It is said by some that Brown’s Gas is a big part of China’s economic miracle.

Brown’s Gas saves fuel and reduces emissions.  We are ensuring the government & private sectors have the right machines, technology options  and business models to deliver secure and reliable renewable energy to society.

We share knowledge openly to help government & industry achieve the optimum clean energy technology of Brown’s Gas and thereby energy transition effectiveness.

The environmental significance of Brown’s Gas as the only combustible fuel in the world that does not take oxygen from Earth’s atmosphere is perhaps mankind’s crowning glory in this day and age.

It is our continuing intention and passion to accelerate the deployment of safe and commercially beneficial technology and increase public understanding and confidence in new technologies and application development.

You are welcome to buy our products in our online Brown’s Gas Shop, and we will appreciate your support in spreading the word of our good works to your friends far and wide.

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Photo credit: Peter Griffiths 1991



HHO Generator Peter Griffiths Yull Brown

Origin of Brown's Gas Personally

by Research Professor Yull Brown

Cheap & Renewable Clean Energy

Clean Air Food & Water


Our Values


We market authentic products and we deliver more than expected of us.


We add value to our customers and we believe in a win-win relationship.


Everything we do is for the greatest good for all concerned.


We dreamed Brown’s Gas into existence and its continuance for eternity.


We continue to innovate products that benefit humanity and civilization.


Our Mission

Giving Earth Clean Energy.

Peter Griffiths – Founder CEO


Meet our founder

Thanks to the efforts of a humanitarian inventor and his friends, the time has arrived when it is no longer necessary to burn poisonous fuels to create energy on planet Earth.  There is no downside to our Brown’s Gas technology, it works as envisioned to perform its task to eventually replace fossil fuels on this planet for the greater good of all concerned.

CEO and dedicated friend
of Research Professor Yull Brown

Peter Griffiths
Sydney Australia 2021

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Hannah Barton

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Hannah Barton

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