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Hydrogen and oxygen output machine 0.9 litres per minute. Multi-functional for breathing in hydrogen, oxygen or combined without humidifier and used for making hydrogen water, price includes free worldwide shipping. Money back guarantee.

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Brown’s Gas is hydrogen and oxygen – nothing else.

The truth is that Brown’s Gas is defined as “a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen produced in a ratio of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen generated from the decomposition of water into its natural elements using the process of electrolysis.” Therefore, when the hydrogen and oxygen products of electrolysis are mixed immediately after the process, regardless of the type of electrolyzer used (PEM or Alkaline), the resulting gas is still Brown’s Gas.

Claims that there are other components present in Brown’s Gas apart from pure hydrogen and oxygen are invalid and go against the definition of Brown’s Gas. 

Learn more about the electrolysis of Brown’s Gas here.

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